Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow storms and grace

Some days I feel like my life is a great adventure. Or maybe just a series of mishaps do to my silliness. I'm not sure which.
Today was one of those days.
I woke up to a note from my husband that the door needed to be shoveled out. It would not close right away because of the snow.
I laughed, bundled up and attacked that drifted snow. I showed it and some ice on our sidewalk who was boss.
I then proceeded to tell our door, which still did not want to close who was boss. But I think it told me.
It still would not close. So, I did what any sensible (or not so sensible, I'll admit it) person would do. I pulled on it and slammed it really hard. REALLY hard.
And now, I am stuck in my house for the day. Because the door is stuck. I still think this is pretty funny, I'll admit it.
And that. That is amazing I realize as I am making my lunch and thinking and giggling to myself.

God, He is amazing. His grace to me is huge.
I was just reading last night the chapter about stress. About how giving thanks leads to trust.
And I have seen that truth transform my life this week.
The last week me who was focused on her situations would have woke up, been cranky over having to go outside and then maybe cried that the door was stuck.
I am starting to truly believe what I am praying each morning. I believe that what He sends my way each day, today, is good, from Him and for my good. And that I can trust Him and rest in Him.
And I'm left in awe realizing how He is changing me.
I'm adding to this bog throughout my day. As I meditate on this.
I just finished reading the chapter in 1000 gifts (yes, it's taking me a while...) on stress. I know that my catch phrase that I used as an excuse is instead "I'm just frustrated." I know either way that the truth is when I cop-out with that excuse I'm just not trusting. I am choosing to remain frustrated and in my gloom instead of resting in Him. A much more joyful place to be. 

So, 3 ugly beautiful gifts:
~Waking up and having to go outside, into the cold and shovel (it was actually a delight!).
~Getting our door stuck.

~Finding my 1000 gifts journal wet, words running. I need to re-write it now...but it's from God's hand. (when will I learn to not leave things on my kitchen table?)

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MilitaryMomof2 said...

Don't you just love the snow?!?!? Great post!