Thursday, March 1, 2012


Earlier in this "dare" I was discussing it with a friend and compared this new habit of thankfulness to building a new muscle. Boy is it.
Parts of this week I have not been lifting my weights. I'm not very good at wanting to go to the gym.
Some evenings I have just been so tired I can not think very straight. Other nights other things were going on. But I notice the difference in my attitude and focus.
So, time to post some  gifts and read what I should be looking for tomorrow. It's time to refocus.

3 gifts from the past-that help you trust the future:
~Four years ago I almost died. I had a pulmonary embolism from a 12 inch blood clot in my leg. God in His Sovereignty kept me alive for His purposes.
~I didn't have any health coverage at the time as I was new to the country. I needed to be flown to have a surgery that may have saved my life. I received coverage backdated to before I went into the hospital in a way that had never been heard of.
~ The reumbursement check we are getting from the university my husband attended ending two years ago-right when we need it.

Something you are reading: The chapter in "1000 gifts" on having an open hand to whatever God gives you.

Something you are making: Some pictures for my home with scriptures that need to become a real part of my life.

Something your seeing: God changing my heart in huge ways that only He can.

One thing in your bag: My water bottle, keeps me drinking what I need each day!
Your fridge: Some home-made soup from my mother-in-law for my husband.
Your heart: Gratefulness for His grace and patience with me.

I find it so neat that I have already been learning to thank God each day for whatever He chooses to give me and then I read the chapter on just that, where my mediation on this subject widens. Thank You for Your great grace!

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