Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Does He Love me?

Yesterdays will have to do for today ;).
Yesterdays Joy Dare gifts to find were 3 ways I feel the love of God.
Simple yes?
Not at all.
But first I'll post my 3 ways:
~An extended time of prayer and Bible study. Learning to preach the gospel to myself and praise Him for hard things (more on that in a minute).
~Lunch with some of my favorite ladies followed by heart confetti cupcake making. The encouragement and joy brought cannot be measured.
~ A husband who loves me extravagantly day in and day out, not who just woos me on holidays.

That husband has encouraged me in the past to learn to preach the Gospel to myself on hard days.How  I knew what the truth is. Now I needed to  remind  myself of it. Speak the Word.

I got it, yea yea.

But I got it this week.

I got up on Monday not a mom. "Hope" again "gone". I wanted to mope. I wanted to cry and feel sorry for myself. Instead I praised God for His Soverignty and His goodness.His goodness had not changed. My joy should not therefore change.  He knows what is best for me, and for us and for our family.

This morning, I'll be brutally honest here, the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go to work. I feel lost, stuck and ready for change.

I laid in bed and prayed. I got up and praised.
And it worked. He gave me His joy, because as I thanked Him, for again, this was His perfect plan for us.
He is good.
Even when.
That's how much He loves me.

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