Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restful Sunday

So, I'm afraid this will be another photo-less blog. I wanted to get a couple this morning, but we needed to get going.
A gift of Tin: The "vases" holding the flower arrangements at the front of our church.
A gift of glass: Some new beads that came in the mail this week!
A gift of wood: The pulpit, from which we hear the truth of the Gospel each week.

A gift nearly worn out: Beading needles! I am down to my last decent one! They have all gone missing or broken. So much creating!
A gift new: the rose at the front of the church today, standing for the new little life that has joined our church family this week.
A gift made-do: my phone, still not working well, poor coverage. But really, I have what I need.

3 gifts seen as reflections: 
~ My cozy living room seen through our large mirror.
~ Feminine accessories on my dresser: hair "things" and bracelets made by my fingers.
~ Looking at how long my hair is getting, I didn't really realize that!

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