Friday, April 9, 2010


There is nothing quite like community.
Having grown up in family like churches all my life, I have long believed this. I have had family everywhere I've moved, even when I was single, simple because I was a part of the family of God-it's amazing!

Little did I know though, when I was hired at Starbucks that I was going to become a part of a new community, one in which a passion and love of coffee drew us together.

After being hired I stumbled on one of my new favourite blogs: Starbucks Melody
She is a big starbucks fan, and posts a wealth of interesting information about starbucks and coffee. It's a really fun and informative blog, and the community there is uplifting (something that is greatly lacking "other" places).

So, after poking around for a bit, I started to comment. I even entered a contest with some photos of chalk art in our cafe.

I also chatted with her a bit on twitter.

Then one day a few weeks ago, this arrived:

My first thought "cool stamps!" (the man said the same thing of course). Then "who?" I open it and find a "Thank you" card..."what is this?" I really had no idea what this was!

I open it to find a starbucks gift card from the first starbucks cafe! "NO WAY!!!"
Melody had my address in case of winning the other contest and sent this as a thank you for participating in her blog! I've since learned more and more what a generous person she is and how she loves to send packages :) Thank you Melody for brightening our lives with your passion! It is appreciated!