Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Overheard and Red

 3 gifts red:
A warm quilt, handmade and gifted on our first married Christmas:

An afternoon snack.

Sweet candy to go with sweet time with friends (watching Emma).

3 things overheard today, all gifts: ~ In the grocery store, a baby calling "mama, mama".
                                                       ~Brother giggling with sister as they walk through the store.
                             ( My favorite!)  ~"Just tell someone get in there and tell them no!" 
This was about "kissing" in Emma from my friend's daughter, accompanied by much shrieking :).

Really thinking about, processing and trying to start applying seeing beauty in the ugly. There are not moments blessed and moments cursed. God is over all and over every moment. I have to choose to thank Him for that. Very hard!

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Katarina said...

Oh but the delight in Him as you do! It gets easier and easier. Soon there will be days when your list could be endless, where you look and turn and see it all as good, from Him, to you...blessings filling emptiness.
Praying that God will meet you in a BIG way as you acknowledge all He has gifted you with.