Monday, February 20, 2012

Found it!

I found the January Joy dare~ Woot!
So, I'll be sprinkling those gifts in the coming days as well.
Also, todays gifts are tomorrows on the dare, but that's what I get for waiting to look at the dare list until after lunch on a lazy day off.

3 gifts white: My tumbler! It was lost and now is found. Months later. I left it at church!
                                                    Milk for my coffee Pu’erh tea
My Vanilla Noel Candle. Sweet and soothing.

 3 things about yourself you are grateful for:
~My creativity.
~ My passion. Once I'm sold on something, I'm passionate about it.
~ My femininity.

Really feeling the spiritual battle right now. Some days I fight through and worship and give thanks and He gets the glory. Other days not so much.
Really wanting thankfulness to be the focus of my life. I want to focus on that instead of constantly complaining, which is where I naturally go.
His Grace is huge.

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