Sunday, February 12, 2012

Working, Hard

Well, I didn't update this yesterday! I was just beat by the end of the day.
I had been keeping a scrap of paper in my pocket at work earlier in the week and when I saw the gifts for today-3 gifts found in working-well, it fit :)
~The smell of coffee grinding (I never get tired of it!).
~Comfort given for grief by a co-worker to a customer.
~Oily coffee beans in hopper.

Todays are harder. 3 hard gifts. When Ann talks about these in her book she does not mean a spill in the kitchen or a scratch on the knee.
~Not knowing what direction the Lord is leading us in right now. (He can do anything with us from here!)
~ Not being where I "planned" to be in life right now (kids, in full-time ministry...) (His ways are better).
~Not having starting a family be within my control.

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