Friday, February 24, 2012

Grace in hard days

So, not doing so good with this this week. Some days yes, some no. Some moments yes, some no. I know, it's a new habit. It will take some time.
Part of this is the hard week I am having. I am working on thanking Him no matter what. Thanking Him for hard days, moments, situations. Working on waking up and thanking Him for whatever He has for me that day knowing it is from Him and for my good out of His love for me.

Some gifts He's given this week:
3 gifts that changed today (or rather the day before ;))
~My heart. It seems He is doing this a lot this week.
~New habits-eating better, exercising.
~ Changes at work. A new member of our team that is doing great!

~One gift old: My boots. They keep my toes toasty and dry all winter.
~One new: A new perspective and attitude on some things.
~One blue: Our car.

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