Friday, March 9, 2012


3 gifts in the kitchen:
~ A dinner of homemade soup in a friends kitchen.
~Dishwasher full of clean dishes.
~New hand soap that smells of raspberries.

3 ways you glimpsed the startling grace of God:
~Being greeted as I walked into work by a little girl's face lighting up and calling out my name.
~Seeing little girlfriend write her letters. Such glee and joy!
~Getting to have a longer visit than anticipated to enjoy friends, giggling, doll houses and crayon pillows with friends.

One thing you wore:
New warm scarf.

One thing you gave away:
My evening. It's always hard to get myself back out the door after a work day on Friday, but the teens always bless me more than I ever give away.

One thing you shared: laughter with my co-workers throughout the day.

3 gifts carved:
~My cedar chest, handed down through the generations, refinished by my father for my wedding!
~ God helping me carve out time with Him this morning despite being so tired.
~Snow carved into drifts

3 gifts loud: 
~The alarm clock, helping me wake up and start my day.
~ God's grace in the midst of hard times.
~ Our espresso machine being repaired.

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