Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tired, busy and blessed

I found the scrap of paper in the pocket of my work pants from yesterday!
3 gifts found at 3 pm:
~Sweet smell of steamed milk.
~Helping a customer find a new favorite drink.
~Mocha powder spilled all over the floor and my co-worker, accompanied by much laughter. 

~Light that caught you: I noticed the sun came out from the snow through our large windows at work; it made me feel more cheerful and awake.
~A reflection that surprised me: my littler French press reflected in my larger one. (Yes, I'm a coffee dork)

3 gifts wore:
~My comfy pajama pants, a gift from a couple Christmases ago (I love PJ pants!).
~A favorite cardigan sweater. I am always wearing one!
~My nose ring. A fun detail that makes me me.

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