Monday, March 5, 2012

Times nine

A gift that's sour: a sour mint given to me yesterday (I learned I don't know how to eat them, pretty funny!)
A gift that's sweet: brownies tonight at grace group.
A gift that's just right: My new jeans! I put them on and never wanted to take them off. (Made even better by the fact that I bought them on clearance. The better the deal the more pumped I get: I get this from my father.)
3 Yellow things that strike you as a fresh mercy:
~A new comfy shirt.
~ I may have given in to a craving and bought some golden oreos this week. Not having them all the time made them all the sweeter.
~A new coffee (packaging is yellow) that I did not think I would enjoy (growth and change).
3 gifts found:
~New graces through Scripture.
~ Strength to get through my day despite my silliness of drinking coffee late last night (Silly! I have been so tired today.)
~Grace to move past myself and grow trusting my Savior and my husband.

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