Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Plethora

I've been shamefully negligent. I have the hardest time staying focused, both on being watchful for His gifts and on updating when I am crazy busy: extra shifts, youth retreats, and exhaustion.
But, I've been keeping track of some gifts on my phone, so here goes!

3 gifts in Christ:
~Him molding my heart.
~Giving me joy.
~Building my faith, trust and confidence in Him.

One gift that made you laugh: My husband being silly, teasing me.

One gift that made you pray: walking outside and hearing the birds praise the Lord.

One gift that made you quiet: Seeing the moon in the early morning over the fir trees.

3 ways you witnessed happiness today:
~A mother cuddling her baby, so happy to have him.
~Little girl gleefully happy to be out with her father and sister.
~Little girl just bursting with joy.

A gift turned: Ice turned to mud.
A gift folded: homemade enchiladas
A gift hung: Jeans hanging on the rail to dry after much fun.

3 hard gifts:
~Learning that my husbands trip to the specialist was going to be over $1600. Trusting God on a new level. Peace.
~ Seeing my husband in daily pain. He knows what is best for us.
~ Having God reveal sins in my heart in order to make me who He wants me to be.

3 gifts given away:
~Time from the cooks who served our youth this past weekend.
~Time, energy and a heart poured out into the chapel sessions for the youth by our youth pastor this past weekend.
~ Comfort zones given away by the youth during their "walk 'n talk" talking about how to apply what they were learning with someone they did not know well.

3 gifts found in silence:
~Butterfly on the inside door of our cabin.
~The first early moments of a busy day at retreat: birds singing, cooks getting breakfast started.
~The peace of a frozen lake.

  3 gifts round:
~Big homemade chocolate chip cookies!
~Hot bowls of pumpkin soup.

~ The sun setting red as I get home from the weekend.

A gift in wind: wind singing in the trees.
A gift in water: toes squishing in mud.
In white: White board where the truth of the Gospel is shared.

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