Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ups and Downs

 What a day. Having to struggle to give thanks for it all.
 ~A gift bent: The packaging on my Tribute Blend Coffee.
~A gift broken: my hair. Worst haircut I've ever gotten. I am feeling heartbroken that all my long locks are history. And it has to be fixed to boot. I'm not sure how short it will end up. I've been growing it out for quite a while.
~A gift beautiful: getting to hold a beautiful, precious new little girl at her shower. What a doll.

~Something above you: Warm sunshine. It felt like spring might be trying to peak through.
~Something below you: ice melting.
~Something beside you: a mentor. Having someone in my life who will hold me accountable, challenge me and listen to my heart is one of the greatest gifts.

~3 sounds you hear:
Potatoes boiling cheerfully on the stove.
Birds singing.
Sweet baby girl crying in the other room.

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