Friday, March 2, 2012

So tired

I'm feeling pretty spent, but really wanted to do this!
                                                  ~A gift dull: My Norwex face clothes!
                             ~A gift shimmering: My wedding and engagement rings.
        ~A gift cleaned: My red fleece blanket. This thing has gone all over the place with me                           (road trips, moved a few times, airplanes). I just re-found and washed it!

3 gifts green: 
~Iced Green tea lemonade.  
~My jewelery today (all off etsy)
~My apron (that usually keeps me "mostly" clean)
3 Graces from people you love:
~A book from my mom at Christmas.
~A mug from my in-laws, one of many they have bought me for my collection.
~My Bible. From my husband. 

I also have 3 gifts from 3 'o clock. But I can't find the scrap of paper I wrote them on. I can clearly remember only two of them at the moment! I will find that paper and add them tomorrow :)

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