Saturday, December 29, 2012

Such Joy

A gift unexpected: an old friend of my husbands coming to town, and getting to have a quick breakfast with him.

3 gifts shy
 The real me, that it's taken years to come out:
~My voice.
~Sharing my inner self.
~My personality.

3 gifts shelved:
~Shelves full of food.
~My tea cupboard.
~ Books.

3 gifts shining:
~The example of grace in a family that has been friend's with mine for years.
~A new uncle, so excited to meet his niece.
~A new daddy, constantly loving on and beaming over his girl.

A gift circling: onions cut and cooked in my healthy lunch.

A gift crowing: remembering The King of Kings, come as a tiny baby, just like mine, all those years ago.

A gift crafted: new booties, from a friend, which fit my girl's tiny feet.

3 gifts silver:
 ~Beads in my latest piece.
~Parts on my baby monitor.
~Ornaments on Baba's Tree.

3 gifts sweet:
~yogurt, the end of my lunch.
~cornflake peanut butter squares.
~the smell of a sweet candle.

3 gifts from your Savior:
~Grace in a husband, reminding me to see things as God sees them and not allow guilt to overcome me.
~Grace in family who love us so much.
~Grace in the opportunity to be a mother.

A gift hung: An ornament from a dear cousin.
A gift held: The hand of my Love.
A gift heard: Hearing my husband telling a friend how he knew he had to "marry that girl" and being reminded of how much he loves me.

3 gifts orange:
~My wonderful, handcrafted diaper bag.
~A cozy sweater.
~Yummy oranges, tastes like Christmas!

 3 gifts falling:
~Snow flakes.
~My weight ;).
~Tears as my heart was shared.

A gift caught: Joy caught on camera as The Uncle meets The girly.

A gift let go: Pride, by His grace.

A gift mid-way: My walk with Him.

3 gifts reaped:
~Joy in sharing hope with someone I had invested in years ago.
~Love from little ones.
~Love from my husband.

3 gifts returned:
~Rest (as I let things go, let go of bitterness and trust Him.

3 gifts redeemed:
~My past.
~My present.
~My future.

A gift baked: cookies from friends.
A gift stirred: A cup of new tea.
A gift eaten: Truffles.

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