Friday, December 21, 2012

His Grace Is Enough

3 gifts ugly-beautiful:
 ~"when God wants us to know answers, He wants us to know Him."
~"The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is"
~ "When we loudly question God’s culpability, God quietly questions our humility."
From Ann today. No, I have not lost my sweet child. But life is hard in many forms. Seeing your husband deal with illnesses for a year, some of which have no answer to them, is hard too.

A gift fixed: Our windshield wipers. Yay! Thank you my dear!

Folded: Laundry (one of my least favorite chores- yay, it's done!)

Freckled: The face of a little friend.

3 gifts in conversation: ~Watching my daughter's reaction to me telling her all kinds of things.
                                      ~Sharing the joy of new little things she is learning with others.
                                       ~ The comradeship of friendship.

3 gifts in salvation: ~Peace.

3 gifts in information:  Being able to share God's grace and love via:
                                      ~This blog.

A gift of reading: Truth in the book of Acts. Good stuff!
               receding: The end of one year. What a year!
               reclaiming: bad habits, ways of doing things admitted, repented of.

3 gifts quiet:
~The first moments of the morning.
~A quiet snuggle in the evening.
~A chance to nap as my mother in law (Baba) loves on the baby.

3 gifts funny:
~Laughing at how the girl wiggles straight out of being swaddled.
~Hearing a story of a prank pulled during my husband's college years.
~Hearing my husband sing silly songs to my daughter.

3 gifts finished:
~Delicious Italian leftovers.
~My last book.

~Old attitudes.

3 gifts flourishing:
My relationships with:
~The Lord.
~My husband.
~My daughter.
All by His abundant grace. No they are not perfect. But He brings growth.

3 gifts white:
~sparkling Christmas lights.
~A fresh bit of snow.
~White Christmas chocolate.

3 gifts bright:
~Red sparkling nail polish on my fingers and toes.
~ My in-laws beautiful Christmas tree.
~Camera flashes as we remember my girl's uncle meeting her for the first time.

3 gifts shining:
~The moon.
~ The sun, shining on this the shortest day of the year.
~Eyes that love their new little granddaughter.

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