Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting there!

Yes, I have been forever catching up on this list! But I refuse to give up!
It's a reminder that I need to keep my priorities straight, and a good practice in counting God's constant blessings in my life.

Giving thanks has become such a part of my life now. I will be forever grateful for Ann's book!

3 gifts fragile:
~ Christmas tree balls.
~ Special ornament from a cousin.
~ Friendships, may I not take them for granted again.

A gift cut: homemade reusable baby wipes.
Sewn: Quilts made for my sweet girl.
Buttoned: Little dress worn for a short time by the girl on Sunday (guess she decided it wasn't her style ;) )

3 gifts new:
~ The outpouring of love on our family in so many gifts for our daughter. What a gift of grace!
~ A new haircut!
~ Perspectives.

3 gifts long awaited:
~Cries in the night.

A gift one: Wonderful friend who lets me pop in on her.
Two: Sweet girls to visit with.
three: Cups of candy cane coffee.

3 gifts very small:
~ Sweet white chocolate peppermint kisses (a particular weakness of mine!)
~ Tiny toes.
~ Wee little diapers.

3 miracles:
~ That I get to be a mommy. I don't take this for granted, God kept me alive four years ago and allowed us to become parents, though it took a while (in our opinion ;) ).
~Salvation, come as a babe.
~ That God would create for me and prepare for me a husband and a daddy for my girl and that we would all fit together so perfectly.

3 gifts summer (memories now ;) Yes, I am forever catching up):
~ Watermelon.
~ Cool swims.
~ Warm sun kissing the skin.

3 gifts cut:
~ Paper cut on my tongue as I get thank you cards ready. How wonderful that we need to send thank you cards!
~ Slices of homemade bread.
~ Cheese to go in the bread for a sandwich.

3 gifts yellow:
~ My breakfast egg.
~bits of  yellow on tiny little socks.
~ post it notes used to keep track of things during this season of not being able to remember everything!

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