Monday, July 2, 2012

And still more

3 hard gifts:
~ My husband being unable to eat normally and knowing we can rest in Him anyway.
~Daily sinus headaches and learning to trust in Him for minute by minute strength.
~Sore legs from pregnancy/circulation problems and being on my feet all day, and strength to make it through each shift.

3 gifts woven together:
~ The woven portions of a pair of shorts a friend has turned into a work of art!
~ Joy woven with pain.
~ My simple, lovely living room curtains.

3 gifts inherited:
~ Creativity from both my parents.
~ A love of reading.
~ An inheritance of those who fear the Lord.

3 gifts square:
~ Napkins to wipe up fingers :).
~ Quilt that warms and comforts each night.
~ Heating pad to eases my neck and head when it aches.

A gift stacked: books.
 A gift stashed: tea in the cupboard.
A gift stilled: the calm in my heart from the Lord even when things are not how I would have planned them.

3 gifts found in Christ:
~ Growth.
~ Confidence in Him.
~ Trust in His plans for us, for His plans are always good.

3 gifts closed:
The ending of different seasons;
~ Getting to be home and get ready for our little girl.
~ Five of my girls graduating from  high school.
~ Seeing friends move on to a new season in their lives and across the country.

3 gifts reflecting:
~The calm lake water as we were at camp.
~My heart
~And mind reflecting the Truths of God and His Word.

3 gifts fragile:
~A new mug from a friend.
~Pictures on my walls.
~Flower vase passed from generation to generation.

A gift cloth: Shorts that are comfortable on my growing belly.
A gift steel: My oven, stove used to make delicious food for my family.
A gift wood: My kitchen table, a place to prepare food, play games and sip tea with friends.

3 gifts moving:
~ The child growing inside me (man can she move!)
~ Tree tops moving in the wind.
~ Changing seasons.

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