Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fuzzy brain

I really hope their is nothing goofy in this posting, but I need to keep doing this. My brain has been off all day long. I think it's just me getting used to not sleeping normally, which is a huge shift for me. I've always been a very sound sleeper. So, if there is something off, chalk it up to exhausted pregnancy brain ;). It's been a long, busy day!

3 gifts ugly beautiful:
~Legs swelling and veins starting to show (gift of our child).
~An exhausting week, full of His grace.
~Pain to bring healing to my husbands knee.

3 gifts in dirt:
~ Daisies growing up out of it.
~Strong noble trees.
~A twilight walk along some.

A gift in a sign:
An old sign still painted on the brick of a building.

A gift in a smile: Smiles of my co-workers.

A gift in a snack: Fresh out of the oven soft biscuits shared with my husband.

3 gifts found in Christ:
~ The steadfast love of the Lord.
~His unending faithfulness.
~His strength in my weakness.


MilitaryMomof2 said...

Oh the veins....I remember the veins! I had them with Jackson and had to buy stockings. Blah. They are still their now but very faint!

MilitaryMomof2 said...

there**** had to correct myself. I'm normally a grammar nazi!