Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome Fall

It seems like someone flipped a button on us here, but I for one sure am not complaining! The cool weather feels wonderful to this warm, pregnant lady.

3 gifts in someone older than you:
~and Love that a certain woman of God (Mrs T) brings into my life.

3 gifts in fabric:
~The many blankets in our living room that bring a cozy atmosphere, comfort and warmth.
~Sweater brought out to keep off the new chill in the air.
~My handmade, reliable wallet.

3 gifts framed by a frame:
~A wedding picture.
~Pictures of our dear friends.
~Pictures of the youth.

3 gifts eaten:
~My breakfast of egg in the eye.
~Crab apple jelly that I got to help make.
~Candy corn (how I always celebrate the fall).

A gift small: Little bag of new pumpkin chai tea.

A gift big: God's provision in our lives.

A gift just right: New pumpkin lotion.

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