Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labour Day

3 gifts summer:
~Soft Serve Ice cream cone from local shop.
~Fresh cucumber from a friend's garden.
~Cool breeze on a hot day.

A gift in faith: Being reminded by my husband's preaching that I am safely under His mighty Hand.

A gift in family: My husband finally feeling the baby kick! (little stinker, I feel her LOTS, she always stops when he tries to feel).

A gift in freedom:
Freedom to worship God publicly.

A gift in red: Tomato sauce on my gnocchi.

A gift in white: Comfortable tank top-my non-maternity ones were starting to cut off my circulation ;).

A gift in blue:
Bottle of tums. I don't know how I would survive without my tums right now!

3 gifts of sand:
Memories of growing up near the ocean
~Building castles.
~Laying on the warm sand.
~So many walks on the board walk.

3 (more) gifts in summer:
~Iced tea.
~Refreshing dips in the pool.
~Time spent soaking up sunshine.

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