Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I will get there

3 gifts found in church:
~ Love of our family.
~ Corporate worship.
~ Growth of the church.

A gift white: The pages of my journal.

3 gifts in today's work:
~Toddler chatter.
~Joy in serving (both the families at church and my husband).
~ Love given back as it was given.

3 gifts blue:
~Fresh blueberries.
~Fun blue nail polish.
~Clear blue sky.

A gift whispered:
My mother in law whispering she loved me in my ear.

A gift at 8 am:
Sleeping in snuggled next to my husband on a holiday-I know it's one of the last times!

A gift at 12 pm: A reminder that God is a faithful Father.

A gift at 8 pm: Time to snuggle up with a book.

3 gifts blue:
~ Fresh blueberries.
~Fun blue nail polish.
~Clear blue skies.

3 gifts you gave today:
~Tidying our house (serving our family).
~Priority to time with God. It is such a gift to not have to rush off!

3 gifts orange:
~Comfortable pajama pants.
~A lost earring found.
~Cheese in my scrambled eggs.

3 gifts funny:
~Inside joke with my husband that kept me in stitches all day.
~Listening to my husband and friends play a game where they had to answer a question with a question in the car.
~Seeing my friend's little girl as the only one making a silly face in a family photo (what a goof!).

3 gifts from today's conversations:
~Love from my husband.
~Joy in silliness.
~Encouragement in seeing God at work all over.

3 gifts found in Christ:
~ Encouragement that He is changing me over time.
~Truth that never changes.

A gift of peace:
Peace knowing God has our whole lives planned out and we can rest in Him.

A gift of hope:
Knowing God will lead us (our church family) to the right man to lead our youth and young adults.

A gift of love:
Reading in Matthew and realizing how much God loves children and then realizing how much He already loves my little girl.

3 gifts ugly-beautiful:
~A hard situation properly dealt with and God's abounding grace.
~Eight months of my husbands illnesses. It feels never ending.  But, we know God has a purpose and a plan in it. Learning to trust Him more and more.
~An unworkable piece of jewelry. My idea didn't work, but I started something new instead that is great!

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MilitaryMomof2 said...

Thanks for blogging again! I like reading about your gifts!