Thursday, August 2, 2012

And we are caught up!

A gift in a box: Organized files out of a box and into their proper place.

A gift in a bag: Bananas from a friend for freezing for smoothies and banana bread.

A gift in a book: The gift of imagination and adventure! (Two Towers :) )

3 gifts unexpected:
~ Things found while organizing! The only physical letter my husband wrote me when we were dating and a part to my sewing machine that means I can use it again!
~ Such complete trust in God's Sovereignty that He has grown in me.
~ My Ipod dying, realizing what is important.

3 gifts from your childhood:
~Summers spend with my nose in books.
~Learning the joy of baking and cooking.
~Learning so many mommy skills.

A gift sweet:  White chocolate kit kat

A gift sour: The lemon in my water each day.

A gift salty: Pickles with my lunch.

3 gifts found in little people:
~A snuggle on Canada day.
~Getting to paint Little Girl Friends nails for her.
~A little drawing made for my baby girl.

3 gifts that made you laugh:
~A silly commercial.
~Watching a silly movie with my husband.
~ Husband making up a silly laugh.

3 gifts found in community:
~A meal shared.
~ Appreciation  for lives poured out.
~ Hugs, tears and joy in God's plans.

A gift on a plate: Key lime pie from my landlady (what a nice treat!).

A gift in a pot: A new recipe tried for dinner last night. It was delicious!

A gift in package: New diapers and diaper covers.

3 gifts hard giving thanks for:
~ Gaining pregnancy weight. Learning to not put my significance in how I think I should look.
(The other two are personal)

A gift worn: Comfy maternity tank top.

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