Saturday, June 15, 2013

He Lifted Me Up

Ten years ago.
I just recently realized it had been that long.
I set out on my own adventure, on my own life led by the Lord.
He has gently led me, one step at a time. 
Corrected me. Molded me.
Changed me.

Little by little.
But when I look back, what He has done simply blows my mind.

How? Why?
Because He loves me!

I just watched a video put together for the alumni of the discipleship training program I did that year.
As I remembered I could not believe how different I am.

How I didn't know who I was then.
How afraid I was.
How lost I was.

I didn't even realize these things at the time. Not really. I just believed that was where God wanted me to be. And now I know God Sovereignly put me there.  

I started to learn that pouting and manipulating was not the way to treat others. I didn't even know I was doing it. It was such an ingrained habit.

I started to learn that my opinion mattered.
That people wanted to be with me.
(I still struggle with this sometimes.)
I had learned that this wasn't the case in my past.

I learned to stick with something even when it got hard.

I was treated with love even when I messed up, something I was not used to.  I was corrected when it was needed, and then offered wheat thins ;). 

I studied how it was important to obey God and not man.

God showed me how He was always with me, and was my proud Father.

I've since learned that I am not a complete introvert. I was made one by those around me.
That it's ok to share my mind, be openly silly.
I am such a different person from that year.

I was struggling as I had just left such a sheltered, controlling environment. 

I think my AC (accountability cell) family saw this more than I did.

I met a husband who didn't try to make me into a person that he thought I should be.

I've had jobs that forced me to interact constantly with people, that didn't let me stay in the background- and I LOVED it.

I've spent time in His Word and found truths I never knew were there. God opened my eyes to things I never understood. 

He, He alone has changed me.

Psalm 40:2 He drew me up from the pit of destruction,out of the miry bog,and set my feet upon a rock,making my steps secure. 

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Anonymous said...

Love you, kid. You are becoming a beautiful woman of God. Introvert? I never knew that about you. You always have so much to share. Thanks for letting us see you this way.