Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sun Shining Through

A gift high: Sun shining through after a rainy day.

A gift low: My feet-they are not so swollen and feel a lot better!

A gift far away: My mother working out details to come and visit after our little lady arrives.

3 gifts of endings:
~Ending of our season of our family being made of two.
~End of the summer, start of autumn.
~End of one book (start of a new one).

3 gifts fresh:
~The cleaness that follows rain.
~Refreshment of tea with a friend, leading to a fresh prespective.
~Also fresh perspective from time alone with Him (of far greater importance than the first).

A gift on vacation: The treat of a Jimmy Johns sub ;).

A gift home: A good sleep in my own bed (there is just nothing like your own bed).

A gift in relaxation: Refreshment in reading.

3 gifts of beginings:
~Finishing getting little girl's room ready.
~Reading to learn how to care for baby girl.
~Learning to more fully embrace the gift of contentment.

3 gifts together:
~Bright beads;
~New pattern;
~New addiction to a new beadwork stitch.

3 gifts heard:
~God's faithfulness spoken through His Word to my heart.
~Words of love and care from my husband.
~Words from a friend that lift up.

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