Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At three, flat and green.

It's been a rough day for us. We are working at resting.
My husband found out today that his knee cannot be fixed until, well, maybe twenty years from now.
He has been in a lot of pain in both of his legs as one leg is compensating for the other's sore knee. But, the condition is just too poor to do anything for it. The knee cap is in very bad condition.

So then fear tries to sneak in and ask how our lives will be if he cannot do the job he is at now.
Not to even mention how hard it is to see him in even more pain than I have seen him deal with over the last five months with his jaw.
Yes, we've been through a lot.
But, I feel as if the other things had a light at the end of the tunnel even if barely seen.

What, oh what oh Lord are you preparing us for?

Psalm 71:14 " But I will hope continually
                     and will praise you yet more and more."

3 Gifts at 3:
~Laughing at how silly the baby is making me (goofy things come out of my mouth all the time).
~The pleasantness and joyfulness of my co-workers.
~Warm air. It feels like summer is coming!

3 gifts flat:
~The water on our lake this morning, dimpled with light rain.
~The lid of my new cup.
~A little bug scuttling across our flat windshield (another sign of summer).

3 gifts green:
~The smell of fresh cut evergreens.
~ The grass turning green.
 ~My camera strap.

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Darlene Joy Koop said...

Hey Kim,
I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and Andrew. Thanks for sharing your struggles and joys - it really is an encouragement.