Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joyful Songs

Just thought I'd post a fun blog about Christmas music.
What do you enjoy?
What do you wish you had not wasted your money on?

A few of our Favorites:
Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God.
This is our favorite and currently missing Christmas album. It's unlike any Christmas album I've ever heard. It starts in the old testament and, in customary Andrew Peterson manner it tells the story of the Messiah. It's folky, peaceful, unique and refreshing.

Bebo Normans Christmas from the Realms of Glory

This album is, as The Husband would say "pleasant".
It's not the same old same old, is Christ centered and draws you in so you leave it living in your CD player.

Mercy Me The Christmas Sessions
This is one I listen to a lot myself. I even run to it! It starts with quite a few songs that are not so quiet and ends at the other end. I've always loved Mercy Me and it holds true with this album.

The not so great: I downloaded David Crowder Band Oh For Joy a couple of weeks ago. I have always liked him and was really disappointed. It starts out really well and peters out. It does start off very joyful, but then the music is just drab and depressing.
The worst part is the last song is a total rip off of Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells
I thought maybe I had burned a song off of another album onto the CD, but no, it's not.
It was like they thought the idea of making a Christmas album was good and then they gave up.

So how about you?

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