Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet anticipation

I bought a bunch of goodies today for our youth sleepover on Friday. I'm about to make a couple of things, and tomorrow and extra special something as well. I can't say in case someone peeks ;).
I get such joy out of showing my girlies that they are so special. I don't think we let teens know how valuable they are enough of the time.
I think I am more excited than they are because I get to prepare for their special night. I'm also excited for what God has given to me to share with them.
I thank God for giving me the opportunity and grace to serve these teens and to grow with them these past two years. It has been such a joy and blessing!
What types of things do you get excited about? What lights you up? What do you anticipate?


Emma said...

I'm loving reading your blog Kim! Keep up the great writing. To answer your question, what lights me up is being a wife, and taking care of kids:) Love, Emily

Darlene Joy Koop said...

I love how your love for the teen girls shows through in all that you do, Kim.
What excites me is having the opportunity to love on little children in simple, practical ways and also to share about God's love with them.