Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dark Cherry Mocha

Yes, warning, deep deep post to ensue.
I do have some deeper thoughts that I want to share, but I will wait for a clearer head to do so. I've been fighting off migraines this week. Fun stuff! So, this is just for fun :).
The dark cherry Mocha has arrived on the scene! So, here is my take on it-I am not a huge mocha fan, and really not a fan of full strength syrup mochas i.e. peppermint mocha. But, if you are one, you will probably really enjoy one!
The syrup is not overpowering, although, if not blended properly into a drink may remind you of cough syrup...however, if you are ordering a drink at starbucks and not throwing a little into something as an afterthought, it will be blended ;).
So far, I like the dark cherry syrup:
~By itself in a latte, hot or cold.
~With white mocha -white seems to blend a lot nicer in my opinion (I love it this way in a double shot!)
~In a vanilla bean frappuccino
blended cream
~In a green tea latte
~In a black tea lemonade...
~Less sweet in a Strawberry banana smoothie
Now, what should I try it in today???

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